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No fighting game witheout guest!

Blood Star is an action role-playing shooter, with inspiration drawn from games like Diablo, Dodonpachi, Rise of the Triad, and Don’t Starve.

Blood Star mixes classic “danmaku” shooting gameplay, with its barrage of enemy projectiles, with extensive player customization and RPG mechanics. This unique mix of genres provides an intense, fun, and deep experience that will have you always coming back for more!

Blood Star uses a fast paced “Chain” combo system; whenever the player attacks an enemy, a short attack chain countdown starts. For every attack the player chains together, the countdown is reset and the player receives extra points. These points are turned into “Blood Fragments” which can be used to level up the player, upgrade weapons, and buy items.

Enemies will drop weapons, power-ups and other items when they are defeated. Every weapon has unique abilities and can be customized using the aforementioned power-ups. Power-ups add additional abilities such as increased damage, attack drones, bullet patterns and many more! Every so often, you will unlock equipment which will boost your stats and add additional abilities such as increased speed, slower chain timer, and more. Additionally, the player can use a dash move that stuns enemies and deflect enemy projectiles back at them, if timed correctly.

By combining these abilities, you will soon become the most powerful clone in the entire galaxy and harness the power of the Blood Star!

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