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trading card game

Rise is a trading card game or TCG, ( it is also a CCG)  

which takes place in a fantastic multiverse infused with power and magic.

  • 1~6 players / 30~45 minutes / Ages 13+

  • Rise is a card game based on deck construction, strategy, inertia and luck. 

  • You can play it alone (dungeon mode) or in duel, and especially in multiplayer.

  • ( it will be advised not to play with more than 6 players so that a game does not last several hours :D )

  • Evolve your summoners and unleash your power to be the only player to have at least 1 of his summoners still alive.

  • The first season contains 306 different carefully designed and illustrated cards.

  • The game possibilities are endless!

  • If you are a collector, each card exists in normal version, foil version and the summoners also have an ultra rare lenticular version !

Do you want to test the game ?

  •  - PDF files are available in print and play :

  • You can already print your own decks from the card list on the wiki page. 

  • I also propose you 10 pre-built decks  to test according to your way of playing.

  • If you can't print, you can also test the game on Tabletop Simulator (game on steam). Duel and multiplayer servers will be available.

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