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Ollaf is a multi plateform video game in 2D aimed to be adapted on mobile phones (ios/android) in a solo version and on pc/mac in a version that will enable you to play in cooperation with other players.


In this game, you play the role of a small dwarf who will have to demonstrate his value while fighting a horde of monsters in lots of different arenas.


To help you in this mission, you will find about thirty equipments or spells without which you won’t be able to pass certain worlds.


This choice enables you to configurate your dwarf before coming into the arena which will offer long game hours with a gameplay "beat'them'all” renewing itself endlessly.


To collect one of these gameplay elements, you will have to bet on your chance and your determination as there are as many levels as components to get.

To access the last level of an element, you will be able to cumulate up to 10 times which will result in improving its power.

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